The Geistwanderer

Ryanne can see ghosts. But when they start to warn her of The Bad One, it’s not just the living who are in danger.


The Epileptic’s Guide to Time Travel 

How many lives can two girls have—and what happens when someone starts to erase them?

Access Uploaded

When days begin repeating, Hacker Access’s reality fractures when she realizes she’s been uploaded. Can Access put herself back together before the entire virtual world collapses?

Circuit Reloaded

After the Tech Crash, Access vows never to upload again. But when she’s targeted by artificial intelligence that may or may not be her friend Circuit, she has no choice. If she fractures for good this time, will she take the whole world with her?

The Perfect Body

Torie’s body isn’t her own. Despite the constant ‘improvements,’ it’s never been right. When Torie begins to unravel it’s only because she’s exactly what they made her.

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Her Sister's Keeper by Sally Sultzman